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How to Overcome the Mute Switch

Break Through the Silence

iPhone comes with a mute switch that allow users to easily silence the hardware’s sounds: calls, text messages, app notifications. While a helpful feature, you may have need to actually hear a Team CORUS notification while your phone is otherwise silent. This article discusses how to accomplish this.

Text Messages from Team CORUS

One of the key features of Team CORUS for smartphones is that they’re capable to messaging two ways: through the app and through text messaging. Put escalation to work for you – make sure you’re running both CORUS Mobile and are opted into cell phone text messages. Verify your settings in My Account and, if necessary, adjust your preferences in  myProfile.

Add a Contact

Both of the methods describe below first require that you have Team CORUS saved as a contact on your phone. Click here to download the Team CORUS contact card or enter the following numbers into a Team CORUS contact in your phonebook.

iPhone Setup

Whether your phone is set to mute or you’re in Do Not Disturb mode, there is a way to allow specific contacts to bypass these, through a feature known as Emergency Bypass.

Step 1
After you’ve added Team CORUS as a contact, go into your Contacts app and locate Team CORUS. Within the contact, tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 2
Scroll down to Text Tone and tap the text that reads Default.
Step 3
On the next screen, toggle Emergency Bypass to on. This will allow all text messages from your Team CORUS contact to come through despite mute or Do Not Disturb modes being enabled.
Step 4
Optional, but strongly encouraged, scroll down a bit further and change the default text sound for Team CORUS to something longer and louder (Constellation is a great option).

How to Allow Specific Contacts to Bypass Do Not Disturb in iOS

Updated on May 9, 2022

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